6 Ways to Jump Start Your Morning with VivoPrint!

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Let’s get personal here, it’s time we spice it up.

1) Stretch! Seems typical, but you may not be doing it enough! Fun fact: Stretching improves blood flow to your muscles. So, if you’re feeling a little sluggish, go ahead and reach for the skies.

2) Before you pour in your first cup of Joe in your mug, add in some hot water beforehand! By diluting the caffeine, not only will it weaken the coffee effects, it will enhance flavor as well!

3) Play your favorite jams as you get ready for your day. It’s all about starting off your day with good vibes.  At VivoPrint, we love being constantly inspired and indulge ourselves in creativity.

4) Make a list of the top 3 things you want to knock down in your morning before you sit down at your desk at work or school. Having a mini agenda before you look at your big agenda will help you complete your smaller tasks.

5) Laugh more! Plain and simple. Laughter is the best medicine for anything.

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