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It’s true that every iPhone is created equal, but what it wears doesn’t have to be! Why not give the most precious item in your purse a do-over with one of the phone cases from the VivoPrint collection! With our various styles, you can select a theme that will fit the most glamorous event in your weekend itinerary, the messiest gym, or simply the everyday.

Be the most talked about person at the beach party with a case that screams SUMMER! With Vivo’s signature seasonal collections, you can easily pick the right design for the right occasion, or create your own by uploading your most memorable summer photo into Vivo’s custom builder. Dropped your phone? Worry not, it will be snuggly protected at the same time as becoming the celebrity of the sandbox.

Don’t like the beach? Prefer to stay indoors? Put down your feelings in the most frowniest fonts and fabulous images on the back of the thing you carry most. For even more variety, try purchasing two of Vivo’s durable and affordable phone wears to decorate your item at work and at home. Don’t hide your moods – present them in the most subtle and creative way possible.

So indulge yourself this summer with these stunning works of art at your fingertips. With a little help from VivoPrint, your Apple can fall far, far away from the tree!

Customizable Phone Cases from VivoPrint from Kira Formina on Vimeo.

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