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VivoPrint launched its Real Reviews by Real Moms campaign to get feedback from everyday moms. We wondered what moms’ thought about the website and custom products – so we decided to ask. Turns out we got a lot of great comments from a lot of unique moms. Each week we will feature a new mom with real opinions on our personalized products – all available at VivoPrint!

Today’s reviewer is Lindsey G from Blogging Mamas!

Lindsey G. is the main blogging mama behind the Blogging Mamas Network. We were lucky to have her review a few products. Here is a little bit more about Lindsey:

I carry many different roles in life – Daughter, Wife, Mother, and Blogger. This space is all about the last two {with a little bit of everything mixed in when needed}.

I became a Mother in May of 2010 and again in January of 2012. Sophia and Moreaya’s Mother is often how I describe myself because they gave me a true identity, a purpose to live and breathe. I began the second role, Blogger, in November of 2010. I started blogging as a hobby, to give me something extra to do. Then blogging took on a whole other meaning. It gave me a voice, it gave me a platform to meet other Blogging Mamas. I’ve connected with so many readers, bloggers, and mamas that I never would have “met” if not for blogging.

And although my housework might suffer a bit, neither role as a Mama or Blogger suffers because…

Lindsey designed and ordered her own personalized products from VivoPrint including a tumbler, iPhone case, coffee mug, and laptop sleeve. She chose her own designs which ranged from patterns to family photos. Here is a quick snippet of her tumbler and iPhone case review:

I ended up creating a reusable tumbler with the adorable pink glitter chevron print with my initial.  I also created a Matte iPhone Case that simply snaps right onto the back of my phone.  It’s a fun piece that I’ll use with certain outfits – totally fashionable, right!?!

blogging mamas review on vivoprint You can read her entire blog post by clicking here!

She is also running a promotional giveaway to VivoPrint for $50 to spend. The giveaway runs from March 16 – 31, 2014 and you can enter to win here. Happy reading and good luck with the giveaway!

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