Summer Wedding Series: Part 3 – Home Decor

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With apologies to all our followers for our undue absence, we are happy to announce that we are back and ready to dazzle you once again with even more creative ideas for all aspects of life!

In conclusion to our wedding series – Part 1: Wedding Dining Decor and Part 2: Wedding Favors – let’s take a look at some more innovative ideas for your home décor in this installment.

We’ve all heard the phrase “now that the honeymoon is over.” That may very well be, but what they haven’t told you is that the fun part is just beginning – whether you moved into his place or vice versa or you bought a love nest all of your own, your mutual life has begun! So celebrate your new hearth and home by adding a bit of personal style to it and continue the honeymoon.

What’s more personal than your wedding photos? You know you have plenty and if you could you’d display them ALL, but who’s got room? Besides, your bungalow isn’t your typical “pipe and slippers” establishment fit for multiple frames and similar demodé knick knacks. You want something modern, vibrant, slick but feminine, something you’d both enjoy.2_slates

Let’s start with the most visited space – the living room. It’s going to be the place occupied the most by you, your friends, and visiting relatives. Consider printing your favorite wedding or honeymoon photos on a photo slate (yes, slate as in rock). Heavy but super slim, it makes a bold statement regardless of its surroundings. Lean it against a wall or have it stand on its own supported by two elegant stands, compact enough for any mantle. Your mother-in-law will definitely approve!

slates_table_blue wall


Use it to add some variety amongst your framed photos, but remember: printing can be time consuming and expensive. And even once you’ve got professional grade prints, you need to find the perfect frame – such a hassle! You can always go the custom frame route (even more costly!), but wouldn’t it be easier to just get your printing and framing done all at once?


For those tighter spaces in your living room or bedroom, consider the personalized photo tile. That’s right, tiles are no longer just for the kitchen and bathroom. Slim, discreet and durable, and with all the vitality and gloss of a photo, the tile makes an ideal display. Simply pop it into the elegant custom-fit wood frame, and you’re done. The frame remains perfectly stable on a simple peg or can be hung up on a wall.



If, however, you favor the traditional approach and at the same time wish to forgo frames altogether, feel free to make these printed tiles PART of you wall. Literally. Create a one-of-a-kind, personalized collage in your kitchen or bathroom that will make you smile even as you are cutting onions right next to it!





Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the bedroom. When it comes to your most private space, it can be tough to keep it visually appealing as well as practical. One of the solutions can be found in a simple jewelry box, imprinted with your own beautiful image. A timeless item, it is both necessary and eye-catching, allowing you to decorate your most precious possessions with your most precious memories. Put it on your dresser or side table to add a little something to the most basic décor.



So get inspired, newlyweds! Pick your favorite memories and start decorating!

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