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Turn Your Family Photos into Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

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Looking for a unique Mother’s day gift? We all know it can be hard to find that perfect gift in a time crunch. Here’s an idea that goes beyond the traditional Mother’s day gift mediums using vintage family albums. 

This project is rather simple and can be done by kids and adults alike. You don’t need to be a world class designer but for those who dabble in design you can use photoshop to enhance the images in thousands of ways. For this example we want to show you how vintage photos can look great on gifts with out a lot of fuss. 

Using a collection one of our staff’s mom’s old photos and a digital scanner, we chose 11 vintage photos to scan and upload onto Vivo Print’s builder. Don’t worry about the quality of the photograph, the ware on them adds to the history of who you are and where you come from.

Take a look at these suggestions:

iPhone 7 & 7+ Cases – If mom is a trendy girl, she probably has an iPhone 7. Our new sleek iPhone 7 cases can absorb ink  on most of her vintage family photos.


18oz and 16 oz Thermal Tumblers – Take mom’s favorite moments and turn them into stories when she travels this summer to see you. They have a ton of space and are great for collages.


15 oz Color Changing Mug – Mom’s love can be like magic, these color changing mugs quickly reveal images and when mom’s sees her favorite moments you might hear stories about her you never knew.

16 oz Thermal Cup – Keep mom’s coffee piping hot and her moments in time even warmer with our 16 oz thermal cups. These are great for black and white photos collections.


Square Coaster – Hear stories you never knew about mom when you add photos of her childhood on these Square Coasters summer during family gatherings.


Compact Mirror Square – Your first beauty and grooming tips probably came from mom and her mom and the generations before. Now, you can celebrate her beautiful history with a custom photo reminders of where she taught you to shine.


Keepsake Box This customize keepsake box is a great for placing her classic photos and reminds her of all her precious moments, jewelry and family mementos she collects through the years.


Photo Slates – Let your mom know her love is as strong as stone. These photos slates are a great way to capture, and preserve even the oldest family moments she cares about.


Ipad 4 Case – Ipad 4 cases look great with grid style images, that’s why we chose this gift. You can add her generations of family history onto the device so she can stay connected to her memories while she stays connected to you on online.


Each year millions of people send flowers, chocolates and thank you cards to mom. Here at Vivo Print we encourage you to think outside the box. And vintage photo gifts are a great way to say I love you to mom and show her just how important all her family moments in time have been. The older the better. While some of these date around the 1940s a few went as far back as the 1900s! With photos this old the types of gifts you can create is endless.

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