Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Relationship Stage

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1. The “Soon To Be” Couple 

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A good way to turn up the heat and move the could-be relationship forward is by giving her gift with “your special message.” A simple personalized heart-shaped ornament with your sweet words or “captured moment” could be hung anywhere for a small reminder of your blooming romance.


2. The First “I Love You”


Valentine’s Day is probably one of the first romantic holidays that you and your girl will share every year. For such occasions, sending flowers to her office will flatter and surprise her. But for something that won’t wither as quickly as flowers, try presenting her with a heart-shaped mouse pad with a personalized image and message from you for her daily office use.


3. The One Year Anniversary

Some of the spark might be gone and the honeymoon is reaching its end. You’re comfortable with each other and want to show your enduring love to your special someone with a small token of affection. Contrary to the popular first year tradition, it does not have to be through the gift of paper. Instead, go through your favorite photos, pick the most romantic one and print it on a shot glass. Sip or gulp from it to keep warm and turn up the heat…


4. The Proposal



You’ve finally found your Mrs. Right and want to grant her this title permanently. For those of you who might be a little shy with falling on one knee, try saying your magic words with a magic mug


5. The (Broke) Newlyweds



If you just got married last year, pick your most beautiful wedding photo, write a loving message about your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and print them on a affordable, yet stylish coffee cup that your wife can use or see everyday.


6. Pick Up the Missing Pieces…



Let’s face it – sometimes, relationships are not easy.  If you’re going through a rough patch, call on your courage on this special day to open up the dialogue with her. Open communication can help break away some of the things keeping you apart and get your relationship or marriage back on track. If things are going well, work on a puzzle together, which will let both of you realize that a good relationship needs hard work from both sides.


7. A Phone Call Away



So you are in love, but are unable to see each other right now due to circumstances. Take advantage of online shopping (even better with a free shipping offer) by having it shipped directly to your significant other to save cost. Choose a gift that will remind her of the sweet moments that you two have shared over many distant miles.

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