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VivoPrint Reviews – Real Reviews by Real Moms – Today’s Post by iHeart-Motherhood & Housewife on a Mission

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Today’s reviewer is Jessica from iheart-motherhood and housewife on a mission!

Jessica is the one of the blogging mamas from iHeart-Motherhood. We were lucky to have her review a few products. Here is a little bit more about Jessica:

I’m Jessica, a 20-something year old mother of two. I enjoy reviewing products for my family, especially my children. Here at iHeart-Motherhood you will find a little bit of everything, I’m so glad you stopped by!

Jessica reviewed a few of our popular products including the laptop sleeve, photo slate, mug, and keychain. Here’s a short snippet on what she had to say:

I am so pleased & excited over my products from VivoPrint, they are all beautifully made & look wonderful! I gave the mug to my Mom today, my little brother is a Marine & is currently out of state, I know she misses him greatly so this was the perfect “surprise” gift for her!

Check out her entire review here:

About Real Reviews by Real Moms @VivoPrint

VivoPrint launched its Real Reviews by Real Moms campaign to get feedback from everyday moms. We wondered what moms’ thought about the website and custom products – so we decided to ask. Turns out we got a lot of great comments from a lot of unique moms. Each week we will feature a new mom with real opinions on our personalized products – all available at

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